Yay and whoopee! Its ‘Black Pudding Friday’!

Fried breakfast lovers are rejoicing as black pudding has reportedly joined the ranks of kale, blueberries and pomegranate as a superfood.

Jacinda’s Socks

According to the New Zealand Herald Newspaper (22nd December 2019):

Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister said she was planning on getting her 18-month old daughter, Neve, socks for Christmas this year.

Speaking to the Herald, Ardern said she planned to carry on the tradition of gifting “practical gifts,” which was started by her grandmother.

One year, when Ardern was about 10, her grandmother gave her a set of coat hangers for Christmas.

“It’s now a gift that I would really appreciate but as a child I probably didn’t show the level of appreciation that I should have,” Ardern said.

“Now, I’m all about the practical gifts.”

Insight perhaps into the person behind the caring facade, who seems so bound up in her practical gift ‘tradition’, instead of giving something that might bring joy to her 18 month old daughter at Christmas.