Somebody asked me the other day whether I always vote National (Conservative, Republican etc). The answer is yes … and no.  Yes because the historical evidence says so, no because for me voting is mostly about keeping socialist parties out rather than because National is a party that I’m keen to support.

Socialism is widely proven to be the economic death knell of a country.  The equality that socialism attempts to force by government controlling interventions and taxation, is contrary to the natural drivers for successful evolution.  That is not so much evolution in an anatomical sense but evolution of mankind’s capabilities and ability to thrive.  A rough proxy for this is economic success, which is also a necessary precursor to adequately fund defence, law and order, infrastructure (including transportation, housing, power, water etc), education, health and social services in general.

The socialist way to economic destruction comes about by biasing the playing field to artificially favour the less able,  by decision making by committee, diminishing the importance of individual brilliance, enforcing group think, and by government by intuition rather than logic.  Also because socialist politicians tend to have little experience of and aren’t motivated by entrepreneurial success that is so essential to economic success.  Indeed, many of the more extreme socialists have an anti-economic death wish (bring down the ‘establishment’), which these days is often progressed as ‘saving the environment’ (and the planet).

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