Some definitions

Lefty liberal – Those that believe there are unjustified inequalities (typically perceiving themselves as being or siding with the downtrodden) that need to be eliminated, whilst also being anti-authoritarian (except when imposing their own ideals). Also see:

Greenie – An extreme environmentalist, where ‘environment’ doesn’t necessarily include human beings.  Often applicable to those pursuing political ideals under a cloak of green righteousness.

Namby Pamby or Lovie – Essentially the opposite of the tough, self-sufficient, practical, straightforward, pioneering character. These people shy away from direct confrontation ( but are often quick to complain anonymously to authority), are risk averse, wrap their children (and themselves) in cotton wool, cultivate a veneer of social caring, fear anything mentally or physically challenging, are easily swayed by social consensus of the moment.

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