How to Get Rid of Fossil Fuels!

Everything is just energy and information (and possibly just information, depending on your school of physics).
We need to crack the current energy constraint big time. Which will happen in a few more years with thermonuclear fusion generation.
All the rest, renewables, climate, carbon, Gretta, Attenborough, blah blah blah, is just annoying background noise pending that.

The future has got to be virtually unlimited, incredibly low cost, clean electricity, made from sea water, using the same generation method as the sun and every star in the universe … and it will be beautiful!

We can hardly imagine how much nuclear fusion generation will change the world. No need to insulate or conserve. The cost of making aluminium, steel and other materials will be ridiculously low. Electricity needed to produce hydrogen (for example) to power vehicles will be virtually free.  Food production, for instance by vertical farming, will be revolutionised with almost unlimited power.  Mankind will at last have powered away from the energy shackles of stone age fire.

There are several significant projects working on viable production of fusion energy, however it will take tens of years to get there.  A report by a panel of distinguished scientists from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to the DOE, USA, concluded that a $200 million annual investment in the technology for the next several decades could lead to a commercially viable reactor before 2050! There are several relatively small, agile initiatives, funded privately, which could get there a lot quicker.

Seems pretty clear that the best chance we have of moving away from burning fossil fuels is to create practical fusion plants. To achieve that, the money currently being spent on solar, wind, and all other costly, inefficient methods that capture relatively feeble amounts of second hand energy from our Sun, as well as those funds being wasted on climate research, carbon taxation and similar, all need to be invested in development of practical nuclear fusion. With fusion power if we want to ‘fix’ the planet, all the energy needed will be available to create and run machines that can do that; sequestrate carbon dioxide or whatever.

Attempting to beat major Governments about the head with bleats of ‘climate crisis’, will not stop the burning of fossil fuels to generate essential power.  Particularly given the massive benefits to mankind that have accrued as a result. Including abundant harvests with increasing CO2 plant food.  Poverty, sickness, starvation, and even deaths from natural disasters have all significantly reduced over recent years.  Never have we had it so good.  Ceasing burning fossil fuels will only happen either when they run out or are replaced by  (relatively safe) hugely sustainable power at much less cost, i.e. fusion energy.

Frankly, the greenies should be out there with their placards screaming ‘fusion emergency’ if they’re serious about saving the planet!

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